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Being a geophysical and petroleum engineer, Jaime Jaramillo met what his life purpose would be in 1973, before the car accident he witnessed, in which an indigent girl loses her life by going after a toy box, and from that event he decided to direct efforts towards the consolidation of the Children of the Andes Foundation, an entity that has helped 85,000 children from the streets and sewers of the city of Bogotá.


Spiritual teacher, international speaker and influencer, bestselling and humanitarian author.

Master Sri Akarshana, famously known as the Yogi with a Lamborghini; He is an international celebrity in the world of the Law of Attraction and Spirituality.

Over the years, his work has reached more than 35 million people worldwide through social media platforms and live events.


Ellen Lucy, better known as E.L. Light, is a multidimensional being, international speaker, spiritual guide, artist, designer, writer and channeler of the language of crystalline light.

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