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Spiritual teacher, international speaker and influencer, bestselling and humanitarian author.

Master Sri Akarshana, famously known as the Yogi with a Lamborghini; He is an international celebrity in the world of the Law of Attraction and Spirituality. Over the years, his work has reached more than 35 million people worldwide through social media platforms and live events.


As a master, he shares a unique message of combining the physical with the metaphysical to achieve results in life. He believes that we are spiritual beings in a physical and material world and, therefore, life must be experienced to the fullest, both spiritually and physically to live an abundance of wealth and happiness.


Sri was born in the United Kingdom, dropped out of college at age 19 and began his work in vans selling hamburgers at fun fairs. At 21 he opened his first restaurant business and turned it into an international QSR franchise in 24. A year later he ventured into other investments, such as real estate and import exports, which financially freed him at 25.

With his new accumulation of wealth and the world within his reach at such an early age, he fell into the spiral of buying material possessions to feel complete, and soon lost himself in the shadows of his own super sports cars, yachts and luxury mansions; That led to a deep and heavy depression.


With the purpose of ending his life in mind, he found himself on a dangerous trip to Kenya in 2011, where he realized a new purpose and the joy of living helping people. His love for giving and creating a change in people's lives is what led him to establish a charity to help orphaned children live a healthy, full and sustainable life; called ‘H Giving’.


In 2019, Master Sri Akarshana (formerly known as Eric Ho), went to the Himalayan mountains and did a rigorous training of mind, body and spirit, where he received the honorable title of spiritual master and name change by the wise and infamous Himalayan yogi; Grandmaster Akshar.


Today, the Master presides over his life-changing organization, IAmCreator; which provides a platform for millions of students worldwide; transmitting powerful knowledge and training on success mentality, wealth creation, law of attraction and spirituality. Master Sri Akarshana's only message to the world would be: "Not everyone is born in this world with the same opportunities, skills and knowledge, but with the right training anyone can achieve greatness and live with a purpose."




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