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Antonio Portugal Alvizuri was born on June 14, 1948 in the department of La Paz Bolivia, son of Guillermo Portugal Torrelio and Julia Alvizuri of Portugal. Antonio Portugal Alvizuri is a researcher of pre-Columbian cultures in the Bolivian Andes, writer, lecturer, of the UFO phenomenon and in contact with extraterrestrials in spiritual and scientific matters. He is a contactee, with works and conferences on the UFO phenomenon on topics related to the Tiahuanaco cultures, Lake Titicaca, the Amazon. Specialized in non-scientific theories, currently trying to decode the hieroglyphics of the lithic pieces of Tiahuanaco, the megalithic monuments and the andesite and sandstone materials of the place.


He was a member of the National Institute of Archeology for 30 years, having performed different archaeological research.

He has worked and contacted important researchers of the History Channel television program, we can mention: Brien Foerter, Jim Viera, Giorgio Tsoukalus, Hugh Newman

The RT Russian Today channel interviewed him for a documentary in which he explained Tiahuanaco's relationship with beings from space.

Make known their experiences through the books they wrote, as well as national

and international conferences.

He has done interviews for different Radio and Television programs, I have several videos on Youtube, one of the most important is: Tunnels Secretos del Lago Titicaca with more than 2,500,000 visits, this is the link: https: // www.

The UFO Brazilian UFO magazine published on the cover, plus 12 internal pages on their experiences with the title: As Cordilheiras dos Andes Abrigam vestigios de civilizações perdidas Edição 256 | 01 de Março de 2018 Experiences.

Encounter on the physical plane with Seres de Luz de la Chinkana (Tunnel)

on the shores of Lake Titicaca.

Trips in astral planes by Chinkanas, intraterrestrial cities of which I can mention the following: Eternal City (Wiñay Marka) in Lake Titicaca; the city of Lasa in the Yungas; city ​​of the great Salar de Uyuni; city ​​of Sabaya, all located in Bolivia.

Contact with the Major Masters of the Andes through the Aymara Soctallo

(Man who has six fingers in each hand)

Transport of secret codes to the invisible caves of Tibetans living since the 1950s in the Apolobamba mountain range in the Andes of Bolivia.

Since he was in his mother's womb he has contact with Light Beings who are his guides.

His life on the physical plane was based practically on different missions regulated by the Masters

of the Andes and the Star of Sirius.

I travel in the astral plane to the city of Utamur, in the continent MU or LEMURIA in the depths

of the Pacific Ocean.

He was abducted by a mothership, from the Tunupa volcano, as part of one of the

most important missions he has carried out.


He has written 7 books related to the mystical cultures of the Andes, translated into English, French, Italian and Aymara native languages:

The Chinkana of Titicaca, the secret tunnels of the Sacred Lake

Secret Cities of the Andes,

In contact with the Elderly Masters

From Tibet to the Andes, the meeting of two cultures

Pakari the Andean Giant

The mysteries of the Tunupa volcano

The Mu continent and the URU CHIPAYAS


These books are available on Amazon Kindle:

Antonio Portugal Alvizuri: Kindle Store -


For many years he has participated as a speaker in national and international conferences, such as:

Brazil: in Santos and Foz de Iguazú

Argentina: In Capilla del Monte and Buenos Aires

Mexico: in Mexico City and the University of León Guanajuato

Chile: City La Serena

Lima Peru

Dominican Republic: Santo Domingo

United States: six conferences in the state of Florida.

Colombia: Tabio and Tenjo


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