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He is a regular speaker at internationally renowned conferences, a professor at the best schools

from businesses and universities, and mentor in entrepreneurship programs such as StartupsMansion

in New York or 10 Entrepreneurs in Miami and San Francisco. It also provides training

in important companies such as the Bassat Ogilvy Group, IBM, Microsoft, GRAY, BBVA or GSK,

among other. He has trained with Silicon Valley professionals such as Matt Belitsky, Tony Pham

or Dan McGaw and has studied "Disruptive Strategy" at Harvard Business School.


In addition, he is a digital advisor to political and government candidates, public figures,

as well as a consultant in digital marketing for companies in Spain, LATAM, USA and Canada,

among which the Spanish Soccer Team, the Red Cross, Turnstyle and Pfizer stand out.


Tireless self-taught, she has a Master's Degree in Business Management and Marketing from IDE-CESEM,

and he is a born entrepreneur. He founded the "Grupo Ellas" in 2004, a company focused on creating

of websites dedicated to women in different fields (tourism, automotive, training, news, beauty and fashion or employment), founding partner of "Marketing Surfers", agency

of Digital Marketing; Marketing partner-director of "invest ME", the social network of entrepreneurs

and "Emprende Finance", the network of entrepreneurs to obtain financing and partners. Co-founder of Engage Worldwide, an international project focused on Latin America, based on the creation of a digital business transformation agency (with offices in Miami, Bogotá and Toronto)

with which it helps both companies and professionals to adapt to the new economy,

as well as a founding partner of companies in the real estate sector such as Uxban or Nuik Inmobiliaria,

among other.


For this professional career on the Internet he has received several awards, among which stand out

"Best Idea of ​​the Year 2006" from Actualidad Económica, "Young Social Entrepreneurs"

from the European University of Madrid and "Social Media 2013" from the radio station Onda Cero. for the greatest influencer in our country. In addition, Juan Merodio has another great passion: writing.

And he has published eleven books on Marketing, Digital Transformation and Social Networks for both companies and the general public.


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