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Vito lives in Miami, FL and maintains a global reputation for excellence as the premier futurist

the world, innovation strategist and inspirational speaker. His charming and entertaining style

leaves nothing to be desired. Vito is the only speaker who has given a TEDx talk on all five continents. He is also an esteemed former professor of Project Design and Innovation Management at both the Polytechnic University and the Bocconi University of Milan. In addition, he was Executive Director of the UNESCO IMI Institute in Paris; the candidate city of Milan has chosen

Vito Di Bari as the Innovation Designer for the Expo 2015 World Fair.


Founder and CEO


In 2001, Vito Di Bari secured his perspectives, and his legacy, by founding Next Media Lab:

a cutting-edge international research laboratory called "the Milan think tank"

by Wired magazine, where he currently serves as CEO. After moving

to Miami Beach, Di Bari founded Di Bari & Associates, a design studio that is changing

the world one neighborhood at a time through iconic urban art installations

and cutting edge. It does this by using recent discoveries in various fields.

like AR, sensors, and 3D printing.


The author


Di Bari is a recognized author of groundbreaking theories and has published a multitude of works, including the books: Social Killer, Short Circuit, Web 2.0, The Future Is Here (But Still

we don't know), 2015, Weekend Ahead, Strategies for the Next Economy,

The Encyclopedia of the Digital Economy, Keywords for the Network Economy, and Management

of multimedia. In addition to his books, Di Bari is a contributing writer for several magazines, including WIRED, Harvard Business Review, Panorama (Italy) and Il Sole 24 Ore (Italy). He has also appeared as a presenter on the Discovery Channel and on the Italian television network Italia 1.


University Faculty


Di Bari has earned numerous teaching degrees, including: Professor of Design and Management

of Innovation at the Faculty of Systems Engineering of the Polytechnic University and Professor

Design of Innovation at the Bocconi University of Milan; Professor of Theories and Techniques

of New Media at the Faculty of Sciences and Technology

of the Communication of the IULM University of Milan; Professor of Multimedia Innovation Management at the Faculty of Informatics of the Polytechnic University of Milan; Teacher

of Design and Management of Multimedia Systems at the Faculty of Design of the Polytechnic University of Milan; Scientific Director of the Master in Marketing, Communications and New Technologies

from Il Sole 24 Ore Business School.


Boards and committees


He was Executive Vice President of SPN (Satellite Program Network): the first television network

satellite of America based in New York. He was a member of the Scientific Committee of the UNESCO International Institute for Opera and Poetry , a member of the Funding Committee

of Fiction Euro-Aim MEDIA with the Council of Europe (Brussels), President of the Arts & Communication International Fellowship of Rotary International (Evanston, IL). In Italy, President

of the Scientific Committee of ASCAI (Association of Corporate Communications Executives), member of the Advisory Council of the Accenture Foundation, of the Scientific Committee of Harvard Business Review and of the Executive Board of the Association of Industrial Districts.


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